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How do I become a Freemason?

Governor William King Lodge - Scarborough Masons


Founded: 1963

Location: 649 US Route 1 Scarborough, next to the Dunstan Fire Station

Second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm except July and August

What are the requirements for becoming a Mason?
A candidate must be male, at least 18 years of age, able to profess a belief in God, and be of good character.
In Maine, no lodge, without the permission of the Grand Master, shall receive a petition of a candidate for the degrees until he has resided in this state one year, nor (excepting seafaring men absent only on a voyage to sea) unless he has had his domicile within Maine during the last preceding six months.
Do I have to be invited?
Don't wait to be invited. In fact, we're waiting for you to ask! Traditionally Masons have never recruited members in order that a candidate might fully and honestly answer the first question in our ritual as to whether his request for membership is made of his 'own free will and acccord'. Some men have never become Masons in the mistaken assumption that if no one asked them, they could not join. It's up to YOU to take the initiative and ASK to become a Mason.
OK, I'm interested-- how do I proceed?
If you know a Mason, ask him about membership. He will be glad to tell you all about the Craft and the local lodge, and he will give you a petition if you wish to join.  Or email us at govkinglodge@gmail.com for more information